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Christy šust

Missionary - Litomyšl, CZ

Hi there! My name is Christy Sust! I'm the daughter of Pastor Michael Sust and Colleen Sust here at Harvest and am currently serving on staff as the Director of Media Communications! I've been serving with my parents overseas in Europe on our various mission trips my entire life and God has used this foundation to plant within me a love for Europe and, more specifically, the Czech Republic. I have always held a special place in my heart for this small country, but in the past few years, I have felt God lay it more heavily on my heart. 


This past fall, I felt more powerfully than ever that I was being led to do mission work in the Czech Republic. I began researching different ministries that do missions work there and praying that the Lord would show me how He wants me to get there to do His work. By this time, we had already planned on going on a small mission trip to the Czech Republic, Serbia, and Romania (see the above paragraphs if you're interested in how God used us in that trip!). I decided to wait until this trip to see if God would reveal how and where He might want me in the Czech Republic - and boy, did He! 

Our team stopped in the town of Litomyšl, where the KOS choir is located. This incredible student choir has come to America twice now to sing in a concert tour around Canada and the Midwest. During their time, they were housed with Christian families and a number of them received Christ as their savior! In that past two years of all this fruit being produced from the choir, we thought there was no bible-preaching church in Litomyšl that newly converted students could start attending. It wasn't until a local pastor of a church saw a video of the director of the choir, Milan Motl, getting baptized, causing him to reach out to Milan, that we discovered a thriving church in the town!  

Upon arriving in Litomyšl, we met the pastor of this church, Daniel, and praised God together that there is a church where we can send our new brothers and sisters in Christ! As we spent more time with him, he told us that he had been praying for 4 years that God would somehow send an American missionary to the town and work with the church to bring in these students and create a bridge between the students and the church. 


Here I am, wondering how God wants me to come to the Czech Republic while also being so filled with love for these students in Litomyšl and God lays the opportunity right in my lap! I'm still completely in awe and amazement at how God works in the way He does. 

All this to say, I will be moving to Litomyšl, Czech Republic sometime late next year to work with the church there and evangelize students from the KOS choir and the school they are from to, by God's grace, bring more Czechs to Christ and build His church! I am so incredibly excited for this opportunity! 

Here is where YOU come in. First of all, this will take a lot of resources to make this happen. After such a clear call from God to go where He wants me to go, I have no doubts that He will provide the necessary finances to make it a reality. However, I can't expect money to fall from the sky! Rather, I need to call upon my church family and others in the kingdom of God and ask them - ask YOU - if you would prayerfully consider supporting me as I pursue the mission God has called me to fulfill in the Czech Republic. Below is a link to donate to my missions. I would so appreciate it if you could give a gift of any amount OR commit to giving a monthly amount for at least one year so that I can go do what God has called me to do! 

If you cannot give at this time, I ask that you would please be in prayer that I will have everything I need to make this happen and that God would prepare my heart and mind for this mission! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this next step and how grateful I am to all of you who have prayed over me, loved on me, and believed in God's plan for me.

If you would like to stay updated on my missionary journey, head on over to my website at and subscribe for notifications on new blog posts and videos as I document all God is doing and will be doing through my mission work in Litomysl!

Thank you so much. As always, You Are Loved!