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czech symphony project

History of Czech Symphony Project

Most REcent Trip

In November, a team of 8 people from Harvest St. Louis will be participating in a unique worship-
evangelism mission in Central Europe. We will pair up with about 50 students from the
international award-winning Czech KOS Choir and travel through Central Europe bringing the
gospel through music, testimony and God’s Word to people in five countries – Czech Republic,
Austria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. We are excited to present our Harvest songs (arranged
for worship team, choir and orchestra) and praise Jesus among the nations (Psalm 57:9).
We have a packed itinerary – please look at the plan below and pray for us throughout this

November 10 Depart from St. Louis in the afternoon
November 11 Arrive in Prague in the morning, pick up transportation vehicles, shake off jetlag…
November 12 Morning: Travel to Litomyšl College (2 hours), participate in early afternoon
rehearsal with the student KOS Choir and the Smiling String Orchestra. Afternoon:
2 p.m. Outreach concert for about 500 students at the Pedagogy School of
Litomysl. Evening: Outreach concert for the general public in the historical building
of the Litomysl Castle.

November 13 Travel to Hradec Kralove (1 hour). Afternoon: rehearsal with the student KOS Choir
and the Smiling String Orchestra. Evening: Public concert with the Czech groups at
the Cirkev Bratrska Church hall.

November 14 Morning: Travel to Vienna, Austria (3 hours). Afternoon: Facilitate two 45-minute
chapel services at the International Mission School of Vienna for Jr. High and Sr.
High students.

November 15 Travel to Arad, Romania (6-hours) to Harvest Bible Chapel in Arad and get ready to
present a program at the International Christian Marriage Conference happening
that weekend.

November 16 Saturday afternoon concert at the International Christian Marriage Conference
November 17 Morning: Participate in two worship services (help lead worship, present a musical
offering). Afternoon: Travel to Kecskemet, Hungary (2 hours), to the Kecskemet
Baptist Church that partners with us to facilitate a major public outreach for the city.
Evening: Outreach concert at the Zoltan Kodaly Music Center in the city (a famous
place – exciting!)

November 18 Morning: Travel to Bratislava, Slovakia (3 hours), meet with local ministry workers.
November 19 Morning: Travel to Modra, a suburban town near Bratislava, to the Pedagogy
School there, perform an outreach concert for about 400 students at the Cultural
Center in the city. Evening: Travel back to Litomysl, Czech Republic (3 hours).

November 20 Travel from Litomyšl back to Prague, get ready to return home…
November 21 Fly back to St. Louis in the morning.
A significant part of our mission will also be our interaction with the 50+ Czech high school and
college students from the KOS Choir travelling with us. Several of them already became believers
when we hosted them during their U.S. and Canada Tours in 2016 and 2017. Some of them were
baptized at our church. Recently, our church sent out Christy Šust to be a long-term missionary in
Litomyšl, Czech Republic, to continue discipling the Czech students who become believers.
Christy will be travelling with us and singing as one of our soloists. She has already started a
youth group and a couple of Bible studies. We are praying this mission trip will encourage many
more students to join in.
The total cost of this trip is estimated at 2,000 dollars per person. Would you prayerfully consider
being a part of our support team? Any amount will help! We are investing our own resources as
well and hope to raise additional funds to include a few Romanian musicians from Harvest Bible
Chapel in Arad to join us for several of the outreach concerts. This will be an unprecedented
mission trip – we have never done anything like this before. We will be travelling with 60-65
people and partner with Christian ministries bringing the gospel to people in 5 countries. Many of
our concerts will be presented in public venues reaching out to the unsaved in their own territory.


Please click on the button below to make a donation. Thank you for your generosity in supporting
this important gospel mission as we continue God’s work in Central Europe.
You are loved!